Dental health is as important to our companion animals as it is to us. Many animals can suffer from loss of appetite and other complications from tartar and gingivitis and this condition can progress to periodontal disease. We offer dental chews, toothpaste and toothbrushes for our pets as a means of prevention. If your pet should develop any dental problems, our practice is fully equipped to provide dental prophylaxis, dental radiographs and tooth extraction.

Dental X-Rays


Dental care is an important part of keeping pets healthy, and, just like you and me, pets need dental x-rays, too. X-rays help us view and then appropriately treat teeth and bone that are hidden from view. Examining a pet's mouth can be compared to a wrapped present. You may be able to guess what's inside by looking at the box, but until you open it, you'll never know what's within. Dental x-ray allows your veterinarian to examine teeth, bone and the supporting structures below the gum line. X-rays often reveal hidden and painful conditions and for that reason, Pets Vet Veterinary Hospital recommends dental x-rays for all of our dental procedures.


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